Body Changes After Childbirth Researchers measured the legs of 49 women during pregnancy in six months after labor during this period. The length of the foot increased by two to ten millimeters. According to statistics, 70% of women have experienced this interestingly only the first child influences. It is believed that the change in the size of the foot is caused by the hormone relaxin. It makes the joints in the tendon more flexible.

Mother’s Chest

mother’s chest might If a baby is big the mother’s chest might become wider this may sound strange. But four women spoke about this phenomenon in an interview with the cut. According to them the difference before and after is one size in clothing. The hormone relaxin that we described before. Relaxes the tendon where the  well. Some women return to their original form soon after labor some end up with a much wider pelvis.

This is a natural process, but in some cases, it may be caused by problems with the thyroid some women develop allergic reactions unfortunately, there are very few studies about the allergies that mothers developed. This is why it is hard for doctors to talk about the reasons. It is believed that during pregnancy the immune system suppresses all reactions to all irritations to make it easier for. After pregnancy, this mechanism stops working. The body kind of “searches” for things to: react to food, fur, etc.